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Complete Part Of Your Cosmetology Training Online With Penrose Academy’s Newest Program

So you want to start a career in the professional beauty industry but the schedule of most cosmetology schools doesn’t work with your busy life?

Penrose Academy’s Cosmetology Hybrid Program starts with hands-on training in class, on campus and then allows you to expand your studies online, offsite and at your convenience.  For many years universities around the world have offered full or part-time programs online and now Penrose Academy is also moving in that direction. By offering 200 hours of our Cosmetology Hybrid program online through a unique learning platform, we are the first and only cosmetology school in Arizona approved by the U.S. Department of Education to offer a portion of cosmetology program hours to be completed online.

With a shortened scheduled of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:00am-4:30pm and an additional 4 hours of online education per week, you can complete your Cosmetology Program in less than a year!

Penrose Academy’s Cosmetology Program has always been geared towards educating our students with technical skills to help them succeed in the professional beauty industry, empowering our students to become better versions of themselves, and connecting them to their professional goals.  For 10 years we have done this on our flagship campus, through classroom interaction, hands-on training and real life problem solving in our Student Salon.  You can’t learn how to do a solid form haircut, balayage, highlight and color hair or how to build relationships with your clients online.  You can, however, learn the basics of anatomy, biology, chemistry and many other subjects that are a very important part of your earning your cosmetology license.  Through our online learning platform you will learn the fundamentals of cosmetology through online studies and interaction with your educator and then take that knowledge and apply it hands-on in our interactive classrooms.

Check out the following pages for more information on our Cosmetology Hybrid Program, scholarship opportunities and student life.