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Testimonials from the teachers was the icing on the cake.

Best hair cut I’ve ever had. Alexi did a great job. The support from the teachers was the icing on the cake. I will return for sure. The entire experience was excellent.

Nickolette T.
I learned so many valuable things...

I’ve always had a positive reaction from potential employers when they hear of my attendance at Penrose. Even more so with my excellent grades and achievements after. I learned so many valuable things at Penrose that I’ve applied in the field and other areas of my life. I think what stands out the most is something Jill always said: “get comfortable being uncomfortable”. Oh man is that the truth! And of course, fierce conversations. Without learning that technique, I would not be where I am today.

Rachael L., Esthetics and Laser Graduate
There is so much love and encouragement...

My favorite thing about Penrose Academy is their love and passion for the industry and mostly for each other. There is so much love and encouragement that it makes you feel much better about yourself. They are setting us up in real life scenarios and situations and bringing in outside professionals to give us a glimpse into the real world. Also, they are preparing us at the end with test out and mock interviews.

Tim N., Cosmetology Graduate
The admissions rep was incredibly friendly and upbeat.

The admissions rep was incredibly friendly and upbeat. The pricing was also transparent and they didn’t require you to show up and tour before they told you the price. When I got here, the spa looked so professional and clean. The schedule was great too.

Alexis J., Esthetics Graduate empowering place to be...

Ever since I was little I have LOVED hair and makeup and have always wanted to go into Cosmetology. I never had the guts to go for it until I toured Penrose and my husband pushed me to go after what I loved. What stood out about Penrose? The atmosphere! I loved the mini mission statement and the enthusiasm of the teachers and students. It seemed like an empowering place to be and I knew instantly it was the place for me.

Audrey P., Cosmetology Graduate
I love the energy of everyone here...

I had a friend that attended this school when it was Kohler and raved about how amazing the program was. Also, when I came in for my tour everyone was beyond welcoming and I felt like I found my place. I love the energy of everyone here: students, educators, and staff! I love knowing that everyone that works here genuinely loves their job!

Alex G., Cosmetology Graduate
...talented and enthusiastic educators...

The talented and enthusiastic educators are always keeping us on our toes. They guide, but also challenge us to think for ourselves. The spa days are always preparing us by putting us in situations with clients that will one day be our full time jobs.

Dawn S., Penrose Graduate
Penrose prepares you for the beauty industry...

Penrose prepares you for the beauty industry in more ways than just in technical. You are educated on the business of this field. You learn how to conduct yourself during a professional interview. Also with the expectation of our GPA and attendance, we are held to a high standard and pushed to be the best individual and cosmetologist we can be.

Kira H., Cosmetology Graduate
...prepares us to be successful on the business side of the beauty industry...

I chose to pursue the Esthetics program to further my career in the beauty industry. Practicing esthetics is a great way to impact the lives of others in a productive and positive way. Penrose Academy not only prepares us to provide quality services to our clients after graduation, it prepares us to be successful on the business side of the beauty industry by instilling the importance of the 6 R’s.

Heidi L., Esthetics Graduate
...a really positive experience...

I have always wanted to make people look and feel beautiful. I am a makeup artist and wanted to pursue my dreams of also doing hair. A cosmetology license will allow me to explore different areas of the beauty industry without limits. My hair dresser knew that I was interested in beauty school and recommended Penrose because she also attended the program and had a really positive experience and was able to find a great job right out of school.

Angelica D., Cosmetology and Laser Graduate