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Whether you’re interested in cosmetology, esthetics, or laser, our faculty and staff are dedicated to making your education worth the investment. At Penrose Academy, our Admissions Team is available to help you with your future goals, whatever they may be. Alongside our faculty and staff, you’ll have the support and encouragement to connect you with your future professional goals.

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  • Andria Young

    Director of Student Services and Placement Coordinator

  • Bridget O’Brien

    Senior Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

  • Candice Healey

    Director of Medical Services

  • Cheri Parcells

    Director of Operations

  • CJ de la Torre

    Director of Events & Marketing

  • Jojo Brown

    Director of Guest Services

  • Missy Ray

    Director of Education

  • Nikki Parcells


Medical Directors

  • Penrose Logo

    Ran McBryde

    Medical Director

  • Richard W Trepeta

    Medical Director


  • Courtney Teerink

    Admissions Manager

  • Hannah Majzlik

    Admissions Coordinator

  • Khaila Matthews

    Admissions Coordinator

  • Kim Goedker

    Enrollment Services Coordinator

  • Marissa Hunt

    Enrollment Services Coordinator

Financial Aid

  • Crystal Aguirre

    Financial Aid Manager

  • Danielle Finn

    Financial Aid Coordinator

Student Services

  • Dabrienne Lewis

    Student Services Coordinator l Cosmetology Educator

  • Marcy Anaya

    Student Services Assistant l Cosmetology Educator


  • Annie Gandara

    Cosmetology Educator

  • Cristina Hughes

    Esthetics Education & Curriculum Manager l Laser Educator

  • Drenise Matthews

    Cosmetology Educator

  • Haleigh Trout

    Education Manager l Cosmetology Educator

  • Jessica Spillman

    Student Educator

  • Madison Johnson

    Esthetics Educator

  • Madison Smith

    Esthetics Manager l Esthetics & Laser Educator

  • Natalie Sanford

    Cosmetology Educator

  • Nicole Sazama

    Esthetics Educator

  • Nicole Weldon

    Laser Educator

  • Parci Flake

    Cosmetology Educator

  • Rachel Sheets

    Esthetics Educator

  • Shea Toohey

    Student Educator

  • Steffi Toth

    Esthetics Assistant Manager l Esthetics Educator

  • Tamekia Okagu

    Cosmetology Educator

  • Taylor Defoor

    Esthetics Educator

  • Tonka Quni

    Student Salon Manager | Cosmetology Educator

  • Tracy Bedminster

    Cosmetology Educator

Guest Relations

  • Annie Zuniga

    Guest Relations Coordinator

  • Penrose Logo

    Araceli Mendoza

    Guest Relations Team Lead

  • Camryn Munoz

    Guest Relations Coordinator

  • Delaney McLaughlin

    Guest Relations Coordinator


  • Ivan Covarrubias

    Laundry Assistant

  • Regina Knisely

    Operations Assistant