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Whether you’re interested in cosmetology, esthetics, nails or laser, our faculty and staff are dedicated to making your education worth the investment. At Penrose Academy, you can trust that we will lead by example and steer you towards career success. With our talented team of experts, you’ll have the support and encouragement you need to achieve your goals.

Our Founders

  • Burt Kohler

    Owner & Creative Director

  • Jill Kohler

    Owner & President

Our Staff

  • Amy Pauliks

    Student Account Coordinator

  • Andria Young

    Student Services Coordinator

  • Annie Gandara

    Cosmetology Educator

  • Annie Zuniga

    Front Desk Manager

  • Ashlee Traasdahl

    Admissions Advisor

  • Bailey Walker

    Student Services & Placement Manager

  • Beth Gable

    Financial Controller

  • Bridget O’Brien

    Senior Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

  • Candice Healey

    Laser Educator

  • Cayley Hand

    Guest Relations Coordinator | Laundry Assistant

  • Cheri Parcells

    Operations Manager

  • Penrose Logo

    Cheryl Schaaf

    Medical Director

  • CJ De La Torre

    Director of Business Development and Marketing| Cosmetology Educator

  • Courtney Teerink

    Admissions Coordinator

  • Cristina Hughes

    Esthetics and Laser Educator

  • Crystal Aguirre

    Financial Aid Manager

  • Dabrienne Lewis

    Student Services Assistant

  • Desiree Gerhardt

    Guest Relations Coordinator

  • Drenise Matthews

    Cosmetology Educator

  • Haleigh Trout

    Cosmetology Educator

  • Heidi Kloppenburg

    Senior Director of Medical & Cosmetic Programs | Laser Educator

  • Jennifer Matuga

    Esthetics Educator

  • Josie Cloud

    Admissions Coordinator

  • Maddy Thomasson

    Esthetics Educator

  • Madison Smith

    Esthetics and Laser Educator

  • Marcy Anaya

    Cosmetology Educator

  • Marissa Hunt

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Missy Ray

    Assistant Director of Education | Cosmetology Educator

  • Nicole Sazama

    Esthetics Educator

  • Nikki Parcells

    Senior Director of Education and Student Services

  • Noreen Roman

    Financial Aid Manager

  • Parci Flake

    Cosmetology Educator

  • Sami McLenon

    Esthetics Educator

  • Steffi Toth

    Esthetics Educator

  • Tamekia Okagu

    Cosmetology Educator

  • Taylor Defoor

    Guest Relations Coordinator

  • Tessa Messer

    Laundry & Facility Assistant

  • Tonka Quni

    Student Salon Manager | Cosmetology Educator

  • Tracy Bedminster

    Cosmetology Educator