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Bumble and bumble Executive Director Mike Melamed visits Penrose Academy

On Thursday Penrose Academy students welcomed Bumble and bumble Executive Director of North America Mike Melamed during our weekly assembly.

Mike spoke with Penrose students about his journey in the professional beauty industry, sharing a couple of key points from his 12-years with Bumble and bumble. Mike spoke about how some of the best moments in your life are when you get fired or when someone helps you see the path that where you are currently isn’t going to be the right path for you and that in those moments you can stand tall and say this could be the best moment in my life, what should you do with it? He also touched on how the professional beauty industry is beautiful and whatever you want to do with it, wherever you want to go, you can do that, sharing stories of Penrose Academy graduates who are now Bumble and bumble network educators and work in network salons.

Mike ended with a challenge for our students on the rest of their journey in the professional beauty industry, stating “This industry that we are in, you have so much power, think about what you are on a path to do, and that’s to make people feel beautiful on the outside and so often the way they project themselves on the outside is what they feel and how great they are on the inside. So cherish that, respect that and honor that.”