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Alumni Spotlight with Jillian Salatas

We caught up with Penrose alumni Jillian Salatas to see where her career in the beauty industry has taken her since graduating in 2018! 

What have you been up to since graduating? I I graduated Penrose Academy December 2018, was officially licensed in February 2019 and launched Belleame Skin March 2019. I’m about to celebrate 3 years in business! Since graduating I have taken additional education courses to become an acne specialist as well as launched my first training course back in 2020 to help other beauty professionals set up the back end of their business if they want to go solo. I have also hosted different online events with Esthemax and Face Reality! Being a solo esthetician is so rewarding and I’m so thankful Penrose Academy helped prepare me for the esthetics industry!

What has been your favorite part of being in the beauty industry? I absolutely love helping my clients who struggle with acne get clear skin, it’s so very rewarding! I enjoy meeting people and being around people in general and in this career we do just that. I love how this industry is ever changing; there is always something new to learn and that keeps it exciting!

What has been a challenge you have faced in the industry? A challenge I have faced in the industry is setting boundaries, as a solo esthetician you run the whole show. It can be a lot of work. When I first started I would go in on my days off, stay hours over my scheduled work hours and got lost in taking care of myself. So a tip if your solo or planning on going solo set boundaries for yourself from the beginning to avoid burn out.

How did your education at Penrose prepare you for your job now? Penrose set me up for success by teaching advanced skin treatments that are relevant in todays industry! Not all schools do that. In my opinion that’s what sets Penrose apart and why I went to school here!

What advice can you give to our current students? There are many exciting career paths that you can take in this industry. I knew going into Penrose I wanted to go solo and was working towards that goal from day one! If your not sure what path you want to take I encourage you to explore all options. The options and what you can do/specialize in are truly endless!

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