Penrose Academy student shares her journey to post secondary education with a local Phoenix high school

Cosmetology Student Cayley H. spoke to students at Jefferson Prep about the journey she took that landed her at Penrose Academy.

Jefferson Prep is focused on being a college preparation school and is inclusive with all forms of higher education. The principle wanted Cayley to share her story about first attending a 4-year university, only to realize her true passion of becoming a cosmetologist.

From a young age, Cayley’s mom saw the love she had for makeup, and even joked that she could “major” in it one day. What Cayley loved most about makeup was not the lipstick and mascara, but FX makeup that she saw in movies and theatre. She got her start in theater when she moved from Southern Missouri to Phoenix. She thought that she was going to major in theatre, but after spending a year at Southern Utah University, she found herself overseeing hair, makeup, and wigs. By spending so much time handmaking and styling wigs, she quickly realized her talent and passion for all things hair and makeup. She knew she had to leave school, move back to Phoenix, and enroll at Penrose Academy.

What do you like most about Penrose Academy?

I am super hands on when it comes to projects and ideas. I love that no matter who I talk with, they are willing to individually teach me in the style I learn best from. Also, the entire staff is so friendly and loves helping!

What do you want to do after graduation?

After graduation my goals are to do hair and FX makeup for films, amusement parks, and theatre productions!